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Load Lightning unleashes unparalleled website performance with our optimization services to make your sales soar. Empower your online presence with swift load times, captivating user experiences, and the ultimate competitive edge.

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How We Make You More Money

Code Optimization

We meticulously refine your site's code, ensuring a swift and responsive user experience that captivates your visitors.

Plugin Optimization

We audit and fine-tune your plugins for optimal functionality, compatibility, and improved site performance that delights users.

Asset Optimization

We optimize images, videos, and media files for faster loading, delivering a rich and engaging user experience that keeps audiences returning.

Why We Make You More Money

Non-optimized load times are driving potential customers away, losing you money!

As page load time goes from:

1s to 3s the probability of a bounce increases 32%

1s to 5s the probability of a bounce increases 90%

1s to 6s the probability of a bounce increases 106%

1s to 10s the probability of a bounce increases 123%

Source: Google/SOASTA Research, 2017

Even a measly 100 milliseconds in delayed load time can cause conversion rates to drop by 7%.

Source: Akamai

Ali Express improved load time by 36% and had a 10.5% increase in orders and a 27% increase in conversions for new customers.

Source: WPO stats

If mobile load times are greater than 3 seconds, 53% of people bounce.

Source: Google

B2B websites with 1 second load times have three times the conversions as B2B websites with 5 second load times.

Source: Portent
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Even slight increases in site speed boost your revenue!

Zero Risk

If we cannot speed up your website you will get a full refund.

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Who's behind this

Load Lightning Lead Optimization Specialist


Lead Optimization Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of sites do you optimize?

We optimize custom-coded and builder-based sites.

Will you change the look and functionality of my site?

Nope. We will backup your site and test to confirm.

Do I need to shutdown my site while you work on my site?

Nope. We will optimize an offline copy of your site.

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